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Real Estate

Representative Cases

  • Domestic partner claimed her partner had wrongfully transferred her property to his parents (Fraudulent Transfer)

  • Joint owner of a duplex claimed that her mortgage payments to the other owner never made it to the lender, resulting in a foreclosure action by the lender

  • Foreign finance company brought an action against the widow of a deceased debtor for recovery of funds allegedly borrowed by misrepresentation for land development in a foreign country

  • Son sued parents to recover his portion of the property he claimed ownership of and recoup loan and tax payments he made for the property

  • Property owner brought a claim seeking reimbursement of losses and expenses against her property managers for their failure to vet a tenant who caused damage to the premises fully

  • Seller of property, who had taken a note and a second deed of trust from the buyers for a portion of the purchase price, sued buyers for breach of contract, and elder financial abuse, among other claims

  • Mobile home park owner brought a petition to the city for substantial rent increases for tenants and owners of mobile homes

  • Property owners brought an action against a real estate broker for recovery of sale proceeds of property in a foreign country

  • Real estate investor/flipper alleged wrongful foreclosure when her private lender attempted to foreclose

  • Purchaser of raw land with the intention of developing it brought an action against the seller for failure to disclose boundary line issues

  • Partner in real property brought an action for partition and recovery of rents against the other partner many years after he had abandoned the partnership and its asset

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