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Representative Cases

  • Tenant brought action against her landlord for breach of the implied warranty of habitability due to multiple violations

  • Tenant brought action against landlord for fraud, breach of implied warranty of habitability and move-out expenses among other damages; Landlord cross-complained for recovery of commission paid to tenant (who had acted as his own real estate agent when renting the premises)

  • Landlord brought action against lessee and sub-lessee for recovery of unpaid rents for a commercial space

  • Tenants brought action against residential landlord for rescission, breach of contract, etc., to recover their deposit, first month rent, and incidental moving expenses after they discovered mold and other problems with the premises prior to moving in; Landlord brought a cross-complaint against her agent for granting tenants full access to the premises prior to the start of the lease

  • Tenant of a vacation property sought recovery of her deposit and other charges from the landlord when COVID-19 restrictions forced her to stay out of state and unable to take possession of the premises

  • Landlord of a commercial facility brought action for recovery of unpaid rents against the widow of the tenant who had abandoned the premises

  • Landlord brought an action for unpaid rents and breach of contract when a tenant operating a school vacated the premises, alleging mold contamination as a result of roof leaks after massive rains

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